SINGAPORE, MARCH 8, 2020 Serial Entrepreneur, Renee Welsh, and award-winning Marketer, Sara Paz, join forces to launch Crone Queen, a passion project, born from a dream to bring women together in a collective that harnesses the uncompromising power of authenticity to illuminate and elevate women as they power through their 1st life chapter and approach their 2nd and 3rd life chapters.

“Regardless of where you are in your life journey, whether you’re in your 1st chapter or entering your 3rd chapter, a stay-home parent caring for the family or a corporate warrior hustling hard, a new parent or an empty nester plotting their next move, everyone aspires to live a meaningful life. Everyone wants to be good at life. Crone Queen is an inclusive collective of individuals seeking deeper connections and greater enlightenment governed by the desire to live more deeply and meaningfully.” Said Renee Welsh, Founder & Queen Bee.

“We’re passionate about trailblazing and paving our own path. Living life on our own terms. Celebrating Authenticity. Getting better at life as we grow older. Empowering Women to courageously participate in their lives. Gathering the like-minded, and sharing pioneering ideas & life-hacks.” Said Sara Paz, Founder & Crone-in-Chief.

Anchored in the socially reformative idea of celebrating aging and aspiring to the wisdom, equanimity and authenticity that one achieves in older years. The idea is that individuals get better and better at being their true authentic selves, their best selves, as they age. Crone Queen recognizes that this is not a new idea: “in ancient times, older women were the village healers, the town sages, the wise one, and societal leaders. When patriarchal societies took hold, these women were a threat, so they distorted their image and referred to them as witches (the wise one), hags (the healers) and crones (the crowned one), and were burned at the stake.” Said Renee

“We believe in honouring our “inner Crone,” the version of us we aspire to become for no other reason than because she’s a serious badass. Crone Queen is not your mother’s feminist movement, this is a collective of Womenists, who believe we all come into this world perfectly formed with a gift, a special note only you can sing (it doesn’t determine what you do in life but how you do it, and how you live). We believe that our job as humans is to get better and better at being our true authentic selves, finetuning our individuality, being the best version of ourselves.” Said Sara.

Sounds like a new philosophy for living, but Crone Queen’s manifesto is informed and inspired by great philosophers, both historical and current, including Hypatia of Alexandria, she’s believed to be the “Greatest Scholar of All Time” (Ancient Rome); King Tamar, Co-Ruler of the Georgian Kingdom, 1184 (she was made Co-Ruler and King by her father, and she took on the moniker “King” and led an army of Medieval Knights into battle); Marie Curie (who discovered radioactivity, and the elements polonium and radium, and became the first person ever to win two Nobel Prizes); Harriet Tubman (Queen of the Underground Railroad); Notorious RBG, and the work of Caroline McHugh, Brené Brown, and Elizabeth Gilbert, just to name a few. 

Crone Queen is an affirmational community. made up of a sisterhood of seekers, it will include cutting edge content, pioneering & uplifting events, and inspiring products.

Be The Light: Community

Not just a game-changing community, club, association, or networking group, this is a life-changer. Crone Queen is a collective of enlightened people seeking inspiring ideas and deeper connections. Made up of the highly-evolved, seeking ideas that enable one to live more deeply and meaningfully, regardless of the life chapter they are currently living. At its core, the Crone Queen community will serve as a group of trusted advisors to elevate community members, as they dream of the life path they want, the next life chapter they’re concepting, and the life moves they are plotting. The community force will serve to co-create and enable the manifestation of those dreams.

Hive of Light: Events

With the democratization of information, there are so many conflicting information sources that take people down a rabbit hole of wasted hopes and time. 

Crone Queen brings together subject-matter experts who will delve into subjects that not only inspire, but inform and educate. Crone Queen’s focus is on subject areas that are unique to women, like money matters, and busting the myth that women are bad with finance. 

The events will be highly inclusive intimate events where no questions are off limits.

Find the Light: Content

Weekly content covers a wide spectrum of subjects, from old and new philosophies for living, to subject-matter expert advice that’s applicable to everyone regardless of the season of life they’re currently living

There are so many historical trailblazing women, Crone Queen shines a light on those historical figures to capture the imagination of what’s possible when one lives passionately.

There are so many modern-day trailblazing women, Crone Queen shines a light on their stories and the gift of their example.

Expert Contributing Editors include Finance, Lawyers, Doctors, Therapists, Athletic professionals, and more.

See the Light: Inspiring Products

Future Crone Queen’s products will be symbols of empowering affirmations and a philosophy for living.

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By Sara Paz, Crone-In-Chief.