Welcome to the Queendom

We believe in the uncompromising power of authenticity.

We’re governed by a socially reformative idea: as we age, we get better and better at being our true authentic selves, our best selves living our best lives. This is not a new idea: in ancient times, older women were the village healers, the town sages, the wise one, and societal leaders. These elders were respected and admired. When patriarchal societies took hold, these women were a threat, so they distorted their image and referred to them as witches (the Wise one), hags (the Healers) and crones (the Crowned one), and were burned at the stake.

Regardless of where you are in your life journey, whether you’re in your 1st chapter or entering your 3rd life chapter, a stay-home parent or a corporate warrior, or an empty nester plotting their next move, everyone aspires to live a meaningful life. Everyone wants to be good at life.

Crone Queen is not your mother’s feminist movement, this is a collective of Womenists, who believe we all come into this world perfectly formed with a gift, a special note only you can sing (it doesn’t determine what you do in life but how you do it, and how you live). We believe that our job is as humans is to get better and better at being our true authentic selves, finetuning our individuality, getting better and better at being the best version of yourself.

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The Light Posse

Find the Light. Be the Light. Hive of Light.

We are a mix of gypsies (Tech-Innovators, Creatives, Stay-at-home Mums and Entrepreneurs), who live to inspire and empower individuals to find their true authentic selves because we believe all of us are born with a special gift, our own magic. For us, the dream is for Crone Queen to be a community that adopts a new philosophy for living, redefining how we live because “Your life is Your Message.” Call it want you want: The Queendom. A Womenist Movement or Sisterhood of Seekers, if your life is your message, what will your message be?

Renee Welsh

Queen Bee

One-part executive, one-part serial entrepreneur, Renee’s passion lies in building businesses and transforming industries. A natural innovator, she launched her first tech business when she was 27, and followed this up with stints at prominent start-ups across the world. As Founder & Queen Bee, Crone Queen is a passion project and labour of love.

Sara Paz


In the high-octane world of marketing and public relations, Sara Paz has been described as a ‘force of nature’ – a source of inspirational energy who exudes deep industry knowledge, a passion for business creativity, award-winning credentials and effortless individual style. As Founder & Crone-in-Chief, Crone Queen is a passion project and labour of love.


Crone Queen is a passion project, born from a dream to bring women together in a collective that harnesses the uncompromising power of authenticity to illuminate and elevate women as they power through their 1st life chapter and approach their 2nd and 3rd life chapters.

A collection of fireflies is a Light Posse and a Sparkle.

This collective features content, events that include speakers, dining, cocktails, social interactions, exchanging ideas and discussions of various themes and topic that include the following: career-pathing, health, fitness, wellness, finance, legal matters, technology, innovation, inventions and trends. The welfare and well-being of the tribe is their ability to enjoy Crone Queen in a safe, non-judgemental or critical environment. Although discussions will naturally arise in the course of social engagements, we will not tolerate judgement, harassment or any behaviour that is not 100% aligned with Crone Queen’s “spirit of inclusivity.”