Lifestyle is such an important piece of the health puzzle. You can take all the supplements in the world, use the purest non-toxic products and have a pristine superfood diet, but if you sleep poorly, never go outside, and are chronically stressed, you will still feel unwell. Lifestyle is what you do day-in and day-out to manage stress, move your body with exercise, restorative sleep, and tapping into nature. Best part, none of it costs a cent, just discipline.

Lifestyle isn’t about wellness for the sake of wellness but about creating routines (habitual priorities) that leave you with more vitality and energy. Vitality is our body’s natural state of being but we’ve lost our roadmap along the way. Improving your lifestyle through small changes each day can yield significant improvements to your overall health and vibrancy over time. These small changes implemented daily build a foundation for optimal health.


In today’s world being stressed has become the universally accepted norm, and sometimes celebrated and mistaken as a sign of success. But we need to be mindful that long term stress can harm our bodies, causing hormonal imbalances, suppressing the immune system, and leads to premature aging. Studies show living life rushing from one thing to the next, constantly on adrenaline, also has a major impact on happiness levels. Stress is a choice. It’s all about perception. There are other ways you can perceive events and take action without compromising your immune system, which is what stress does. Use positive language when describing your life. If you say your schedule is crazy and hectic, that will weigh you down and make you more stressed. Control the narrative in your head. Endeavour to use language that reinforces the happiness of living a full life. Having a positive mindset strongly affects your biology for the better, so be aware of the power of your unconscious thoughts. If you need helping getting started: Anthony Robbins 3-to-Thrive is a simple 10-minute daily habit that can change your life. For more advanced perception hacking, try Abraham Hicks. Google both to find out more. Setting boundaries with your time, saying no, ceasing to people-please is not a negative thing either. Saying “no” is saying “yes” to yourself. Taking a few deep breaths to center yourself is more beneficial than consuming an extra cup of coffee. Hack the mind and you transform your life.


Humans are meant to move, but a modern lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy. The research is unequivocal, a sedentary lifestyle will kill you. Always remember that some exercise is better than none. No matter how much or how little energy you have, your mood, or the weather, try to move your body every day, even if it’s just a stretch (physical mobility is important). Over and over againCountless research shows that regular physical activity improves concentration, lifespan, sleep and mood. The importance of the mind-body connection cannot be overstated here.


Take it from a mother with a little one at home, I know how hard it is to get enough sleep. But it ’is so important to make sleep a (if not THE) priority. When we don’t get enough sleep, every part of our body suffers. During a good night’s sleep your body has the chance to detoxify, repair damage, and balance hormones.  But at least a third of us live in a state of constant sleep deprivation. Research shows that sleeping less than 7- hours a night triples your risk of viral infections; sleeping less than 6-hours a night incapacitates you to drive a car (it’s equivalent to drinking a cocktail in the morning and driving), and and less than sleeping less than 5- hours a night can triggers an dramatic increased in calorie intake. And remember that Naps are never an indulgence; they are greatly anticipated invitations to your immune system. Countless research shows the benefits of napping.


This has an incredible ability to heal, sometimes all you need to feel better is to sit under a tree for 15 minutes or dig your hands in the garden. Set a reminder on your computer to take a break outside or at a minimum least look out the window at nature. We can learn some important things from Japan: in 1982 the Forest Agency of Japan introduced the concept of “forest bathing” and since then extensive research has been done on the shows the benefits of walking, meditating, exercising, and playing among the trees in the forest. Benefits found include improved cardiovascular health, reduced levels of cortisol (stress hormone), improved mood, improved cognition, better focus, and creativity. In one Japanese study, just looking out at a scene of nature reduced stress hormones by 13% compared to those in a city environment with a city view. A view of water – lake, pond, or river improved the effect even more. SoSo, get out in nature! Find what works best for you: sitting, walking, running or meditating outdoors, amongst trees or in a dessert, near a water formation (like a lake, water reserve, pond, etc.), let the fresh air, sunshine and birds work their magic. And if you’re in an urban environment, step outside and walk to the nearest park.

We all journey through such different paths to reach our final goal of living our fullest and best lives possible. So be patient and gentle with yourself. Living an epic life starts with loving yourself. It is never selfish to embrace self- care (how can you take care of others when you haven’t taken care of yourself), to so get the sleep and exercise your body needs. Life is about balance finding the balance (or equilibrium) to have the vitality to do everything you want to do on your and this is your life journey, so enjoy itt he journey towards optimal health.!

 This is really the message to carry with you on your vibrant adventure toward optimal health. 

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The information in this article is intended for your educational use only. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health programs.

By Lynn Wood, Founder & Owner of VitaLynn, a Family Nurse Practitioner, focused on holistic healthcare and wellness programs. Lynn Wood’s can be contacted at